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Orion F.

Financial Advisor & Fitness Enthusiast

"Working with Isaiah has totally changed my perspective on fitness and well being. I am much stronger, more flexible, and more pain free than I'd ever thought possible. The rewards of this practice will change your life."

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Xan M.

MFT & Art Therapist

"Working with Isaiah has increased my energy, stabilized my mood and increased my resiliency for stress. His work has helped me reverse a chronic neurological disease. With his assistance, I was able to improve my health so dramatically, that I was able to attend graduate school after years of disability."

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Cole S.

Elite Obstacle Course Racer

"Prior to working with Isaiah, a nagging hip injury had brought my training to an abrupt halt. Isaiah taught me the power of using isometric, concentric, and eccentric contractions to completely release the muscle. Since following Isaiah's active release techniques, my hip pain has completely disappeared and I'm back to intense training."

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Page N.

MFT / Somatic therapist in training

"Over the past 2 years of working with Isaiah, I have experienced profound transformation in body, mind, and spirit. I showed up to my first session with poor posture, difficulty expressing myself, and chronic tension in my body from a lifetime of living in a disempowered state. I also have hardware in my leg from a car accident that caused years of pain resulting from trapped energy and tension. After just one session, I began to experience physical and emotional freedom. I can confidently say that through working with Isaiah I have found my voice, reaccessed my power, and have never felt more embodied."  

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Kian C.

Landscape Contractor

"Isaiah is very relatable, he meets you where you're at and really allows you to feel comfortable and supported from the beginning. I found his approach to be very practical, he was able to quickly hone in on the areas where I was holding stress and tension that I wasn't even fully aware of. He gave me simple and effective tools to take home and help unwind the areas where I was holding tension in my body. I felt no judgment but only his genuine desire to help me thrive. I learned a lot about myself and my health in the process. I really can't recommend it enough!"   


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Lev S.

Bodyworker & Permaculturalist

"I first reached out to Isaiah after suffering a torn meniscus/knee injury that doctors told me surgery was the only option if I wanted my knee back. Isaiah and I worked for months over Skype before I was able to see him in person but by the time I got to see him, I had already recovered from my knee injury, through the work, tools and guidance that Isaiah shared with me."

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Nnenna N.

International Educator & Mother of 3

"Isaiah heals through his entire being! This work has helped me to release pain and stagnant energy, and to integrate, wellness, balance, and ease, allowing me to be in my full expression in the world."

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Helen H.

International Health Coach & Mother of 5

"I use the practices I have learned daily… and what I love most about them is how easily I can fit them into my busy life and how profound the results are. With 5 young daughters and a career I love, I need to feel healthy, energized, creative and firing on all cylinders. My body actually feels like it is growing younger!"

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Kurt B.

Acupressure Therapist

"This work has become the cornerstone of my practice. It provides flexibility and strength to key areas of my body. What ability I’d lost to chronic pain, I’ve slowly gained back in large part due to these extraordinary exercises. They are now a foundation I can always return to for pain management, healing and to increase my ability to live a full life."

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Alison W.

Professional Dancer & Mother

"Isaiah's work is unique, so you can expect unique outcomes. He is full, actually brimming over with ability and knowledge, but most of all his desire to help people unlock potential is so evident when you actually get to work closely with him. Isaiah connects with his clients and gives so much of himself. His openness and honesty about who he is, and what he wants when helping others easily flows from within him."

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Andrew R.

Founder of Konojel Community Center 

"Isaiah’s skills, intuition and all around caring for me and my well-being helped me put myself back together during a time when I was struggling in many areas of my life. From the first session I felt a change in myself. Working with him has helped me accept, forgive and begin to feel love for myself after losing touch with those parts of me for a long time."

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Brian C.

Health Practitioner & Train Engineer 

"Working with Isaiah has changed my life. He has given me the tools and the inspiration to transform into a truer me and because of this I am able to continue to powerfully evolve every day.
PS: I have followed the program for 105 consecutive days and counting!!"

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